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1999/11/21 Videos
Season 3 of XWP will be released on video from February 2000. The set will feature new cover designs. More info as it comes to hand.

For those Xenites who have been waitnig for Tape 2 of Season 1 (Dreamworker and Cradle of Hope) it's now available! In February 2000 Tape 3 will be released. There is also a special offer in the Official Xena Magazine #2 - December issue. You can join a video club of sorts with Xena and Hercules episodes on video. Each video has 2 episodes per tape and they cost 9.99. The advert says there is no obligation to buy after your initial purchase. And if you already have the first tape you can call thier telesales department on 01282 616666 (UK) and they will arrange that you skip these tapes. All videos are in PAL VHS only. (Taken from xenite.simplenet.com)

1999/11/21 First Pictures
We've got first pictures of Cleopatra 2525, the new series from Renaissance Pictures, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, the new series produced by Steven L. Sears, for you.

The first 14 episodes of Cleopatra 2525 (right) are done and on hiatus right now. They will be aired at the first quarter of the next year. The main character is played by Jennifer Sky who we already know as amazon Amarice from season four and five of Xena. A recurring guest part is done by Danielle Cormack who plays the amazon Ephiny on Xena and Hercules. When it will be aired in the UK and by which station isn't known by now.

Sheena will closely follow the original comic book. To the original story has been added the idea that Sheena, whose parents have died in Africa, is adopted by a shamaness (the last of her tribe) who recognizes in Sheena "the golden one" (the chosen person, destined to continue the tribe). Sheena is able to communicate with animals in a certain way - she can morph into an animal, but only, when she sees the animal. If she stays too long in that animal, she takes on its traits.

1999/11/21 US TV Ratings
It looks like the ratings for "Fallen Angel" and "Chakram" that we posted before were wrong. Here are the real ones for the first four episodes of season 5 in the US.
  • Fallen Angel - 4.1
  • Chakram - 3.9
  • Succession - 3.7
  • Animal Attraction - 3.9
Each wednesday the German TV ratings can be found here.
1999/11/01 R.J. Stewart back as Xena Head Writer
Well, it looks like Orci and Kurtzman's time on xena was quite short. As from now on R.J. Stewart is back. He just finished the first 14 episodes of Cleopatra 2525. In a short message to the German Xena Fan Club he said: "Orci and Kurtzman were just not a good match for Xena. They're good writers and will reemerge soon elsewhere. My working on Xena won't hurt Cleo because it's on hiatus now."

Lets hope that they didn't ruin the characters too much (hey, that were the guys that wrote the percules arc). Now everything should be fine again.

1999/10/29 Xena with new tv record and good ratings
The season opener "Fallen Angel" set a new TV record with amazing 270 special effects in one episode. The story starts off where "Ides of March" ended in Season 4, with Xena and Gabrielle being crucified. But no more spoilers here since season 4 has only just started in Germany.

The ratings weren't that good for "Fallen Angel" with just 2.3 but one week later "Chakram" brought the show back where it belongs - on top of the syndicated dramas with a nielson rating of 4.1 leaving shows like ER (3.6), Hercules (3.6), Stargate-SG1 (3.4) and X-Files (3.2) way behind.

In Germany the 4th season started with ratings similar to those of the end of season 3 earlier this year. 2.160.000 households accompanied the warrior princess on her search for Gabrielle. That's about 160.000 less than last year's season opener while the overall rating of 12.9% of all households reamined the same. Last year's ratings for the 2nd episode jumped to 14.1 with about 400.000 more households watching. We'll see what happens this year.

1999/10/20 Motherhood
Lucy Lawless and husband Rob Tapert proudly announced the birth of their son Julius Robert Bay Tapert. Julius was born on oct.16th at 07:01 am in Auckland (NZ). Sharon Delaney of the official Xena fan club said that Mom, Dad, Julius and sister Daisy (11) are well. Best wishes from the German Xena Fan Club to family Lawless/Tapert!

1999/10/20 Bye bye Ares!
With Season 5 Ares is leaving Xena. Kevin Smith, already very busy during Season 4 and therefore not available for many episodes (well, I can remember only one season 4 epside that he's starring in), officially announced that he's out. But he is stil very succesful. In New Zealand he was nominated for the NZ TV Award "Best actor in a drama" for his performance as an undercover cop in the tv-movie "Lawless" *gickle*. Bye Kevin, we'll miss you.
1999/10/20 Girl Power
Two Giants in TV-Business met. Although the picture is from the April issue of the american TV Guide, we don't want to keep the first meeting of Xena and Seven-of-Nine from you. Maybe Seven will walk along with Gabrielle through ancient Greece and kick some ass or Xena will be on board the Voyager off to explore the delta quadrant in future episodes. A cross-over would be quite easy: Just let Tom Paris produce some holo simulation of ancient Greece with some heroes added from 20th century tv and there ya go. Hmm, maybe I should write my first fan fiction about it (G)

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