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2001/11/21 Lucy Lawless pregnant again and with new hair cut

Lucy Lawless is expecting a child again. In April 2002 her 13 year old daughter and her two year old son will welcome a new family member. Hopes for a Xena TV Movie in near future that the fans are waiting for are blown away with that.

ET was also showing Lucy's new hair cut

2001/10/05 It's a boy!
We've waited for it for a long time. On September 22 Reneé became proud mother of a boy, named Miles William Muir. His weight: 8 pounds and fit as a fiddle. Congratulations Reneé and Steve!
2001/08/15 Lucy Lawless guest stars in X-Files
(taken from msnbc.com)

Actress vaults from 'Xena' to guest stint on 'The X-Files'

Add another "X" to Lucy Lawless's résumé. The former sword-swinging star of "Xena: Warrior Princess" has signed on for a guest stint on "The X- Files," Fox has announced. Lawless will appear in the first two episodes of the sci-fi series' ninth season, which debuts November 4, but producers are mum about her role.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Frank Spotnitz would only provide a teaser. "We think we've found an interesting and unexpected way to have her join The X-Files family," he said in a statement.

A Fox spokeswoman says the New Zealand-born actress is signed for two episodes, with the possibility for more. A side from the dearly departed David Duchovny, Chris Carter's conspiratorial series is returning this fall with the rest of its regulars, for what may or may not be(depending on who you ask) its final season. Gillian Anderson has hinted that next season may be Agent Scully's last, but her manager later insisted that nothing is set in stone.

As for Lawless, the 33-year-old actress had her own full-time TV gig up until last month, when her syndicated hit "Xena" went out in a bloody blaze of glory after six seasons. In a finale still being debated by irate fans, Lawless 'femme-hero was shot with arrows and beheaded-instead of riding off into the sunset with gal pal Gabrielle, as some had hoped. Coincidentally, while "Xena" never shied away from its lesbian following, Lawless's guest role comes just as "The X-Files" deals with its own story line raising questions about the sexual identity of agent Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish.

During the show's May season finale, Gish's character was seen cooing over an n-labor Scully - leading some X-philes to wonder whether agent Reyes was actually a lesbian. Internet message boards fueled speculation that her character may come out next season, but to those folks who think the erstwhile Xena would make a great girlfriend, producers said that probably won't happen.

"We talked about it," executive producer John Shiban said last week, regarding the exploration of agent Reyes' sexual orientation. "But we [ultimately decided] that it's the kind of baggage we didn't want to deal with with this kind of character right now. We had other ideas that we were more excited about.

"I can see where they got the idea, "Shiban added, "but our intention was that it is non-sexual."

However, he cautioned, "On 'The X-Files,' anything can happen. So I don't want to discount anything. Life is complicated."

2001/07/19 Xena Season 4 Boxed Set 1 and DVD Season 1 Boxed Set 1 (UK)
Universal Playback announced the release dates for Season 4 Video Boxed Set 1 and DVD Season 1 Boxed Set 1. The Video Box will be in stores on August 6th, while the DVD Box hit stores on Septermber, 17th.

You can already pre-order at Blackstar.

There are also rumours about further release dates on this site.

2001/04/29 Lucy as Punk!
Lucy Lawless will be seen in a small Cameo-Role in the new Spiderman Movie - and her outfit has slightly changed...

2001/04/29 Do I hear more?
On May, 4th, 5th and 16th Turners Auctions (www.turners.co.nz) will sell all requisits, furniture and costumes used in the renaissance pictures series "Xena:Warrior Princess", "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", "Cleopatra 2525" and "Jack of All Trades" by public sale.

2001/04/29 Old friends, old foes
In the last seven episodes of the show we will meet some long known faces again: Caesar (Karl Urban) will be there, Alti (Claire Stansfield) will make you fear, Amazon Ephiny (Danielle Cormack) and her son Xenan come along, as well as Borias (Marton Csokas), Joxer, Annie, Harry and Mattie ("Deja vu all over again").
2001/04/29 The Final
The finals episodes of xena: warrior princess are supposed to be named "Friend in Need I & II" and will air on June, 11th and 18th in the States. Xena and Gabrielle will be in Japan in that episodes. The producers decided to bring two reruns from season 1 (Sins of the Past, Callisto) before that airing, whatever the meaning of that is. Maybe the reason is to show the dark background of Xena again.
2001/03/31 Last day at the set and a pregnant Reneé O'Connor
Official Announcement on the xena message board from Sharon of the Official Xena Fan Club:

At 6:05 am, Saturday, March 31, 2001, Xena and Gabrielle clasped hands for the last time. In a fire-blackened village, high atop a water tower, the two friends filmed their last adventure. It was cold, the ground criss-crossed with rivulets of running water that came partly from the deliberately leaking tower and partly from the water hoses used to keep the stage flames under control. Lucy and Renee took turns spraying each other with a water bottle to refresh the wet look the characters were supposed to have. This while bundled in robes and hopping from foot to foot to try and keep warm. They delivered their lines, the director, Rob Tapert, yelled, "That's a wrap," and the crew burst into applause. Suddenly the sky above was filled with fireworks -- Xena was going out in style.

There was champagne, speeches, gifts to and from the cast and crew. Lucy, now clad in t-shirt, jeans and a lumberjack coat, read a poem written on the back of her script. She said this was poem #1. It was warm and heartfelt and her voice was choked with emotion. After the applause, someone called out for poem #2. Lucy launched into, "There was an old man from Leeds." The crew finished the limerick along with her and laughter replaced the tears. During her television interviews, Renee announced that, yes, she and her husband, Steve, are expecting their first child. There were hugs all around and two-foot-long paper bags filled with memories to take home. Six years of memories -- for them and for us. We wish them well.

2001/02/24 To kiss or not to kiss...
that was the question - until now: In season 6 it happened - There was a kiss between Xena and Gabrielle... How it happened and if things are as they look like - we won't tell you (yet).

2001/02/24 New Project of Sam and Ted Raimi
Sam Raimi, together with Rob Tapert producer of "Xena: Warrior Princess" but also successful director is going to shoot the new "Spiderman" Movie. Ted Raimi, brother of Sam, is casted as Dr. Curt Connors. Bruce "Autolycus" Campbell is going to be in the movie too. Contrary to some rumours Joxer WILL be in a few episodes of Xenas sixth season.
2001/02/24 No chance for third script
Suddenly Fan Fiction Writer Melissa Good, who already supplied 2 scripts for the 6th season, is not going to supply a third one. The script that she wrote together with Robert Tapert was already approved to be used and was planned to be a musical (title: "Last Chance") guest starring Alex Tydings as Aphrodite. It was canceled on short notice since not all the rights for the songs could be procured. Replacement for that musical will be a comedy episode that Melissa Good describes with "You will like it".
2001/02/24 Lucy Lawless - Wonder Woman?
Rumours are that Lucy Lawless is a candidate for the role of legendary Wonder Woman, a TV power woman of the seventies, mother of all female heroes, that is going to be in the big screen soon.

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